Monday, April 16, 2012

Names in RDA

RDA logoRDA logo (Photo credit: American Library Association Publishing)Have an opinion about changing name authority records into the RDA standard?
The PCC Acceptable Headings Implementation Task Group has received a number of comments suggesting that the work plan devised by the earlier PCC Task Group on AACR2 & RDA Acceptable Headings for manipulating the LC/NACO Authority File for use under RDA involves the unnecessary re-issuance of too many records over too great a span of time. The present task group has devised a number of alternate scenarios, described in the document “Alternate scenarios for the LC/NACO Authority File” which can be found on the Task Group’s download site under “Alternate implementation schemes”:

All the scenarios involve the performance of RDA-related mechanical changes described in documents previously distributed by the task group ("Dept." becomes "Department", for example), but differ in other changes to be made, and the schedule on which the changes are performed. (Documents explaining these changes can also be found on the download site listed above)

The task group invites public discussion of the merits of the original plan and the proposed alternates, and is happy to entertain suggestions for yet other possibilities. Even if you've expressed an opinion on this matter before, please do so again, as the audience may now be a bit broader. Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated.

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Ricar2 said...

Could it be something feasible or just plainly stupid the idea of harvest the DBPedia properties or persons dbpedia-owl:profession and dbpedia-owl:occupation to add it automatically to those respective LC names of persons, in order to accomodate them to RDA/MARC21 372 and 374 fields?