Monday, May 07, 2012

Crowdsourcing Cataloging at the Bodleian Library

Crowdsourcing cataloging at the Bodleian Library.
What's the Score at the Bodleian? is a project which aims to enlist the wider community's help in describing a selection of digitised scores from the Bodleian Library's extensive music collections, thereby facilitating access to valuable and interesting material which has not been catalogued and is therefore difficult to find. The approach is two-fold in that it combines a process of rapid digitization of the scores and the creation of descriptive metadata through crowd-sourcing, and it is hoped that the outcomes of the project can be used to inform an efficient yet cost-effective approach to creating access to other music-related material in the Bodleian in the future. It is hoped that there will also be scope in the final delivery of images and crowd-sourced data for additional enhancements such as the hosting of audio performances relating to the music scores and provision of external links to video performances.
My feeling is for some material this makes sense. For items that may take years or decades to fully catalog this may be a good interim solution. Or for items of low importance that may never get described some metadata is better than none. I'm reminded of the 4 levels of access and description once proposed. Most stuff, little importance, indexed by search engines. More important stuff, some metadata like PDF and Word description fields. Materials of still more importance, get Qualified Dublin Core so something on that level. Most important get full treatment by a trained professional. FGDC, MARC/RDA/ISBD, MODS, whatever standard fits. Crowdsourcing could move materials at the search index level up a level or two. It would improve access without using lots of resources.

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