Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ONIX to MARC Crosswalk

A new report from OCLC, A Crosswalk from ONIX Version 3.0 for Books to MARC 21

This report describes the crosswalk developed at OCLC for mapping the bibliographic elements defined in Version 3.0 of ONIX for Books to MARC 21 with AACR2 encoding. It is an update to the previous report, Mapping ONIX to MARC, which was published in 2010 and focused on ONIX 2.1.

Written by Senior Research Scientist Carol Jean Godby, A Crosswalk from ONIX Version 3.0 for Books to MARC 21 describes the layout of the crosswalk and a strategy for deriving ONIX 3.0 syntax from ONIX 2.1, including a note about how the translation logic is implemented at OCLC. It also builds a complex MARC record from ONIX 3.0 input, focusing on relationships that constitute an important source of shared value in the library and publisher communities, are newly introduced or extensively revised in ONIX 3.0, or illustrate unresolved conceptual problems with bibliographic description. In the process of creating this record, it becomes apparent that some of the concepts introduced in ONIX 3.0 are not easily expressed in a MARC record with AACR2 semantics. The report concludes by speculating about how the MARC output might be improved if the AACR2 semantics is replaced by RDA.

For a quick overview, watch the YouTube video of Carol Jean Godby summarizing the report. For more information about the work related to the report, see the Metadata Schema Transformation Services activity page on the OCLC Research website (links below).

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Read the report, A Crosswalk from ONIX Version 3.0 for Books to MARC 21

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