Thursday, June 07, 2012

RDA NACO Training

NACO is providing training to their members but anyone can take advantage of the resources to understand how name authority records will be created using RDA.
This training is designed for existing NACO Program members who are making the transition from AACR2 to RDA: Resource Description & Access for NACO contributions. It is assumed that participants are comfortable with creating and updating NACO authority records in the MARC 21 Authority Format, and are aware of NACO documentation and contribution parameters.

This training is general in nature, and highlights the differences between AACR2 NACO headings and references, and RDA NACO authorized access points and variant access points. There is a concentration on the new RDA-inspired MARC 21 fields that can be added to NACO authority records.

This training is not designed for new NACO Program members with no previous authority experience, and it does not cover specialized areas of NACO work, such as authorized access points for music, law, series, and religious materials.
Thanks to Gary D. Price for bringing this to my attention.

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