Thursday, June 07, 2012

Romanization Table Proposals

Proposal for Revision of the Lepcha Romanization Table

The Policy and Standards Division of the Library of Congress has received a revision proposal for the Lepcha ALA-LC romanization table from Charles Riley of Yale University. The proposal aims to align the Lepcha ALA-LC romanization table more closely with current Lepcha language scholarship, and is largely based on the work of Heleen Plaisier.

The revision proposal (PDF, 88 KB) highlights all additions and changes. A separate document (PDF, 221 KB) enumerates changes in the revision proposal.

Proposal for Manchu Romanization Table

A proposal for a Manchu romanization table was developed in 1998 by Wayne Richter of Western Washington University and circulated in CSB 83. No further action was taken at that time. The Policy and Standards Division is interested in completing work on this table and it is available for review at Manchu Romanization [PDF, 165 KB]

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