Monday, July 30, 2012

Video Search

Here is an information need I have that, finding where movies and TV shows are available. For instance, if I want to watch the old BBC show This Life, where can i find it? Netflix, Hulu+, Amazon, Vudu, or ...? It is even worse if I'm looking to stream a movie. There is Plix, Flixter, Crackle, epix, Acorn, fandor, Movie Vault, Pub-D-Hub, Snag Films, etc. The list seems endless.

I need a place to search for TV shows and movies across all of these services and let me know where I can find it. Does it exist and I just don't know about it or does it not yet exist?

31 July, 2012 Update. Gary Price of InfoDocket graciously steered me towards a few tools. The best seems to be Clicker. When I searched for This Life it found nothing, but did give an overview of the show. I then searched for the motion comic Torchwood: Web of Deceit . It found it on iTunes and Vudu but missed the one on Amazon downloads. I couldn't spot a list of the services it indexes, so it is hard to tell just what is missing.

Some other tools that might be useful in some cases are the app i.TV, LocateTV, and The Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

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Anonymous said...

I think that was the original intention of Google TV. As a Canadian, I haven't been able to actually evaluate on how well it has actually delivered on that promise in the interim two years :/