Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Authority File Changes

News from LC.
The Policy and Standards Division has posted a document: Summary of Programmatic Changes to the LC/NACO Authority File at: This process of programmatic changes signals the initial phase of RDA implementation in the authority file that was agreed upon with the Program for Cooperative Cataloging. The recoding of the LC/NAF will take place in two phases:

Phase One will consist only of adding a 667 note to the name authority record (started on July 30, 2012)

Phase Two will consist of the actual progammatic changes to the 1XX heading that are not acceptable under RDA (e.g., changes to Bible headings, spelling out Dept. and months, etc., in the subfield $d for personal names). This Phase is scheduled to take place before March 31, 2013.

The summary provides guidance to RDA catalogers to help determine what to do when encountering a name authority record with the 667 note added in this Phase One.

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