Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Autosuggesting FAST Subjects

OCLC has announced a new Web service that Autosuggests FAST Subjects.
OCLC Research announces the availability of assignFAST, a new Web service that automates the manual selection of FAST Subjects (the Authorized and Use For headings) based on autosuggest technology.

Subject assignment is a two-phase task. The first phase is intellectual: reviewing the material and selecting the correct heading. The second phase is more mechanical: finding the correct form of the heading, along with any diacritics; cutting and pasting it into the cataloging interface; and potentially correcting formatting and subfield coding. If authority control is available in the interface, some of these tasks may be automated.

assignFAST consolidates the entire second phase of the manual process of subject assignment into a single step based on autosuggest technology. The service can easily be added to an existing browser based interface, providing both subject selection and authority control in a single step.

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