Thursday, October 25, 2012

OLAC Conference Handouts

The OLAC Conference organizers came up with a terrific idea, using Dropbox to store and make available the conference handouts.
Find below a link to the dropbox for conference handouts. So far, we have the handouts for the FRBR workshop, the CONSER serials workshop, Digital Images, RDA (plus exercises), Video, and Sound Recording. All of the speakers have asked me to remind you that these slides and handouts may be updated as the conference approaches.

We'll be uploading more as we receive them!

We encourage you to download these slides and handouts to your mobile devices and laptops.

Your workshop assignments will be available in the conference packets when you register. If you registered for the full conference (as opposed to one day) you will received your first choice workshop, if you indicated a single first choice. Most conference goers will receive their top 4, and if not, very likely 4 of the top five. Everyone has access to all the handouts!

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