Monday, October 29, 2012

Recommendations on Exchange Formats

Good practices and strategic recommendations on exchange formats applicable to the Registry Service for Libraries and Related Organizations (SERBER) in a context of open and linked data : Report by Miquel Térmens Graells, Velilla Centelles, Arroyo Miquel, Domingo Fernández, and Elisa García-Morales.
The Office of Library Co-ordination of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (MECD) commissioned the company Infor@rea to draw up a study of the current situation and best practices regarding exchange formats for data to be published in the Registry Service for Libraries and Related Organizations (hereinafter SERBER). This study falls within the framework of the design and implementation of a strategic model for SERBER based on the ISO 2146:2010 standard..... The last two sections outline the recommendations for publishing open data of the SERBER project, expressed in two successive stages: Stage 1 (Section 5), in which the data will be published in two structured formats, CSV and XML; and the Stage 2 (Section 6), marked by the strategic transition to linked data in the context of the Semantic Web. Section 6 presents the specific steps to be carried out and the immediate benefits that would be obtained by the MECD.

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