Monday, November 05, 2012

The Bielefeld Academic Search Engine

The BASE search engine has an interesting tool package.
The search engine BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) It is a tool for searching Open Access contents and automatic classification is active since 2004 and includes 37,4 million documents from 2900 mostly academic repositories. Special features are a truncation function, a search history, sorting, a drilldown function and the cooperation of linguistic tools. Interoperability is guaranteed through the possibility to bind BASE to different interfaces.
They also provide help on "Integration of BASE into local infrastructures" and a "Validate OAI Interface." You can also suggest a repository of them to harvest. Is your institution's OAI-PMH metadata being harvested?

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Catalogablog said...

I came here reading your experience in Virtual Stacks (2011)--a link to this book now appears in my blog.
I searched the academic database, but the problem was most of my results were coming from subscribed databases (i.e., most were not free). I wrote to them and asked if they can help filter or limit the results. Just now heard from them that they will soon improve.
Stay connected.
Best, Mohamed Taher, Toronto