Friday, March 15, 2013

FRBR for Serials

Announcement about using FRBR for journals.
Version 0.1 of PRESSoo, a conceptual model accounting for the bibliographic description of serials, now is available from the following address:

The intention, while drafting this document, was to fill in a gap acknowledged in the FRBR Final Report (section 1.3 "Areas for Further Study"):

Certain aspects of the model merit more detailed examination. The identification and definition of attributes for various types of material could be extended through further review by experts and through user studies. In particular, the notion of “seriality” and the dynamic nature of entities recorded in digital formats merit further analysis.

PRESSoo is defined as an extension of the FRBRoo model, which in turn is defined as an extension of the CIDOC CRM model as well as an object-oriented reformulation of the original FRBR entity-relationship model.

PRESSoo was developed by a restrained working group gathering representatives for the ISSN International Centre and the National Library of France.

This document is labelled version 0.1 because it still has to be reviewed by a larger community, most notably the international ISSN network, the FRBR/CIDOC CRM Harmonization Working Group, and the IFLA FRBR Review Group. Version 1.0 will only be attained once PRESSoo has been amended and validated by that larger community.

Any comment/criticism/proposal welcome!

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