Monday, August 05, 2002

Cataloging Resources

Anyone who has read AUTOCAT for even a week knows the name McRee (Mac) Elrod. (And if you are not reading AUTOCAT what are you doing here?) I have benefited many times from his clear, considered comments on many cataloging issues. What I never knew was that his Web site, SLC, contains some resources useful to the catalogers. Some of the information is specific to his company and their approach but many of the resources are more general. For example, his "cheat sheets" include:
  • Brief Government Documents
  • Common MARC Fields
  • Cuttering and Years
  • Electronic Resource Cataloguing
  • Form Subdivisions Coded $v
  • Government Documents
  • MARC Authority Records
  • MARC Punctuation
  • MARC Tag Mapping for OPACs
  • MARC Title Fields
  • Monograph Cataloguing
  • Reclassification: DDC to LCC
  • Serial Cataloguing
  • Selected Cataloguing Tool Acronyms, etc.
  • Sound Recording Cataloguing
  • Video Cataloguing