Friday, August 09, 2002

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas

The 2002 edition of the MARC Code List for Geographic Areas is now available from the Library of Congress. This revision of the 2000 edition contains a list of up-to-date geographic areas and their associated one- to seven-character codes used in MARC records. The list includes separate codes for countries, first order political divisions of some countries, regions, and geographic features. References from variant forms are also included. Changes and additions since the previous edition include a code for East Timor, and codes for outer space and celestial bodies.

The list includes all valid codes and code assignments as of September 2002 and supersedes the 2000 edition of the MARC Code List for Geographic Areas. There are 19 additions in this new publication.

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas (ISBN 0-8444-1055-1) is available for $20 (North America) and $22 (outside North America) from:

Library of Congress
Cataloging Distribution Service
Customer Services Section
Washington, DC 20541-4912
TEL: 1-202-707-6100
FAX: 1-202-707-1334

MARC 21 information, including future updates to this edition of the geographic areas list, may be found online.

Another item for your Christmas list. The hard copy is not necessary, since the entire list is available online. Moreover, the online list is sometimes more current. I do like to use a hard copy since I make notes in it. I mark which codes I've used and place the class number from the G schedule beside the code to provide a basic index to that schedule.