Tuesday, August 06, 2002

RSS for Acquisitions

A new and rather interesting RSS application is the notification service of Amazon. Using a news aggregator, the link http://www.yaywastaken.com/amazon/amazon-rss.asp?keywords=???? will deliver a list of books. Just replace ???? with the keyword of interest. This could be useful in acquisitions on keeping up on a current topic. For more details see Amazon RSS - books delivered to your news aggregator! A poor title IMHO, it does not deliver books, only information about books.

"Oh, and in the interests of full disclosure, note that I have hooked my Amazon affiliate code up to the links returned by the feed. " Is at the end of the the article. I've nothing against someone picking up a few bucks for being clever and talented, just be aware.

Maybe a library or non-profit could duplicate the feed and either not collect or have it go to a library.