Monday, August 05, 2002


The Library of Congress’ Cooperative Cataloging Team is pleased to announce that two subject proposal web forms are now available on the SACO Home Page

The web form for new subject heading proposals had been in an experimental phase since 1998 and available only to BIBCO and select contributors to the SACO Program. Since the form’s inception over 3,500 proposals have been processed successfully and internal studies indicate that the majority of these proposals were approved and available to the library community via the OCLC and RLG authority files within 4-6 weeks of submission. The form for proposing changes to existing LCSH headings is newly developed and will continued to undergo development and improvements as contributions and comments are received.

In an effort to expedite the growing number of new and changed proposals the web proposal form is now the mainstream mechanism for processing subject proposals contributed to the SACO Program. Regretfully, there is no “save file” mechanism to facilitate internal review practices and prevent re-keying. Review of all proposals before submitting to the SACO Program is highly encouraged. Coop will continue to accept e-mail proposals; however, resources in Coop can no longer support an expeditious processing of proposals submitted via that mechanism.

To facilitate the approval of a proposed heading, please consult the appropriate LC Subject Cataloging Manual (SCM) instruction sheets and/or the proposal guidelines and FAQs on the SACO home page. Prospective SACO contributors are encouraged to attend the SACO workshops presented in conjunction with ALA before submitting new or changed subject proposals. Proposals that fail to follow the SCM guidelines to a reasonable degree will be deleted without further processing.

To facilitate the processing of the web form proposal read and follow the editorial instructions provided on the form before clicking the submit button. The web form programing is simple and will work best provided that ASCII characters are not used in any field, diacritics are copied and pasted from the list of diacritics linked to the form, and that initial subfields are left off in all fields.

Proposals submitted via the web form will be available for searching through LC web authorities within two working days of receipt.

Comments, questions, suggestions for improvements to the forms, etc. may be sent directly to

Ana Lupe Cristán
Acting Team Leader/BIBCO Coordinator
Cooperative Cataloging Team
Library of Congress, LM 537
Washington, DC 20540-4382
tel: 202.707.7921
fax: 202.252.2082