Monday, October 07, 2002

Cataloging Tips

Here is a resource just too good to keep in Texas, Cataloging Tips written by Dr. Joanna F. Fountain. Tips include:
  • Cataloging videos with multiple programs
  • Reading Program Information
  • Using Publishers' Names in Cataloging Records - Field 260
  • MARC Agency Codes in Cataloging Records - Field 040
  • Sometimes it's useful to know some things NOT to do
  • Selected Genre Terms (MARC21 field 655)
  • Records for Web Sites
  • Classification of Software
  • Award info in MARC records
  • Importing templates into MARC Magician ™
  • Core-level Template for Books
  • Questions about "p. cm." in the 300a subfield
  • Record-numbering Protocols
  • Electronic Resources
  • Free downloading of MARC21 Records from the Library of Congress
  • Page Count Entries for MARC21 Records
  • Multiple Publisher Entries for Cataloging Records
  • Caldecott Medal/Honor Award
  • More about fiction numbers
  • Filing French & Spanish titles
  • Where can I find a list of LCSH subdivisions?
  • ISBN Cataloging Tip
  • Sets of Encyclopedias
These were written in response to questions posed by school librarian. They are written so that a one-person librarian, one responsible for reference, acquisition, BI, as well as cataloging could understand and benefit from them. A few have details specific to the Texas Education Agency's union catalog.