Saturday, December 14, 2002

'Blog Metadata

There are several projects to add metadata to Web logs to provide better access to them. However, everybody seems to be working in isolation. I began by adding Dublin Core, A-Core and PICS. That was OK. DC and PICS were standards, and A-Core was based on DC.

Next came Blogchalk Simple and easy to apply. There was a tool to search 'blogs that had been chalked, but that seems to be no longer working.

This was followed by the Weblog MetaData Initiative (WMDI). This was standards based, an extension of Dublin Core. A tool to read and compile WMDI is available. It will read qualified DC, no need for the WMDI additions. Nice.

The latest is Janes' Blogosphere. It uses non-standard markup but has a suite of tools to create, read and interpret the metadata and 'blog entries.

All this work going in different directions. What is needed is a metadata standard for 'blogs, like WMDI that supports a suite of tools like Janes' to add the medadata to the template and interpret it. Talk to each other people and work together. A widely adopted standard metadata for Web logs could be used in RSS, OPML, OAI-MHP and other Web services. It could improve access in so many ways.