Friday, March 08, 2002

MARC Specialized Tools

LC has a collection tools for working with MARC records. Many are free. I often use the Cataloging Calculator, MarcEdit, and MARCXGen. If you know of any tools not listed, please let LC know.

Cataloging Electronic Resources

Implementing the Revised AACR2 Chapter 9 for Cataloging Electronic Resources: An Online Training Presentation

The Cataloging Policy Committee of the Online Audiovisual Catalogers, Inc. (OLAC), is pleased to announce the availability of an online training presentation on the changes to the rules for cataloging electronic resources that were published in the Amendments 2001 to the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules.

The presentation is a PowerPoint slide show consisting of about 65 slides. The presentation is available on the OLAC Web site.

Thursday, March 07, 2002

Taxonomy Information

The presentation by Jan Herd "Knowledge Orginization: Library Tools and Taxonomies for the Web" is available on-line at: scroll down to the section on Educational Materials.

Also at LC is the streaming video Creating Web Based Finding Aids dealing with Web design, selection policies, and workflow issues. At:

Sandy Berman

It seems HCL is out to erase the work of Sandy Berman. The latest issue of Library Juice has quite a bit on the subject.


A very well written article on the career of a cataloger is The Whimsy of Cataloging by Richard A. Murray. Worth reading just for the writing, but as a bonus the content is also there.

Wednesday, March 06, 2002


If anyone has comments about the ISBD for electronic resources here is your opportunity. AACR often follows the ISBD, so these are important. It is available on-line at

During its August 2001 meeting, IFLA's ISBD Review Group decided to initiate and oversee a study of the International Standard Bibliographic Description for Electronic Resources (ISBD(ER)) to determine the need for updating it in specific, determined aspects. With the generous sponsorship of OCLC Online Computer Library Center, inc., the Group has appointed Ann Sandberg-Fox as Principal Investigator for this project.

Romanization Tables

The scanned text of the 1997 edition of the ALA-LC Romanization Tables is now available as PDF files on the CPSO Web site. There are links to the tables under "The Latest News from CPSO" and under "Cataloging Tools and Documentation."


Weekly lists of additions and changes to the Library of Congress Classification are posted on the Cataloging Policy and Support Office web site as they are approved. This information was formerly made available in a quarterly publication entitled LC Classification: Additions and Changes. That publication ceased with List 284 (October- December 2001).

These lists are in the form of PDF files that require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The lists are available at:

Serials in AACR

After five years of work, the seriality changes to AACR2 are about to be published! July is the current target and the Library of Congress has announced that it will begin using the new rules as of September 1, 2002. Significant changes to MARC 21, including the code 'i' for integrating resources in the leader and the repeatability of 260, have been published but it is not clear when the changes will be implemented by utilities and systems.

Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Rich Site Summary (RSS)

At RDF Rich Site Summary (RSS) there is more information about RSS than most of us would care to know. I still find the Lowery article the best introduction.

I've been interested in learning more about Rich Site Summary (RSS) for quite some time. At last, I've found a nice introduction to the topic, Syndicate Your Headlines Using RSS by Shelley Lowery. It's available at: Is anyone using this in a library setting to provide access to their Web site?