Thursday, July 25, 2002


World Wide Web Consortium Issues Exclusive Canonical XML as a W3C Recommendation.

This specification augments the previous Canonical XML Recommendation to better enable a portion of an XML document (i.e., a fragment) to be as portable as possible while preserving the digital signature. It works in combination with XML Signatures, the W3C Recommendation produced jointly by W3C and the IETF in February, representing cross-industry agreement on an XML-based language for digital signatures.

Exclusive XML Canonicalization meets this need by providing a method of serializing an XML fragment into a portable and canonical form. This functionality, when combined with XML Signature, is critical for electronic commerce because it ensures the integrity of documents and protocol messages that travel between multiple XML processors.

Ensuring the document is authentic is also important in academic research. This is an important piece of structure.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002


OCLC-Cat is a discussion forum for library staff using or considering any OCLC cataloging and metadata services, such as WebDewey, Passport, CatME, Connexion, and MARS.