Friday, July 18, 2003

Mapping Thesauri

Another, much larger, mapping of terms from one thesauri to another is mapping MeSH to LCSH as done at Northwestern University. "Mapping the MeSH and LCSH Systems" by Tony Olson and Gary Strawn Information Technology and Libraries. 16(1) (March 1997) p. 5-19 provides more details. This was an on-going project for several years. It looks like the last up-date was done in October 2002. MARC records for both the MeSH and LCSH files are available for users to download.

As the article points out, there are other benefits to these mappings than enhanced user access. A cataloger finding copy with one type of term can use the file to find a suggestion for a term in the thesauri the library uses, for example.

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