Wednesday, October 22, 2003

BNB name headings and their NACO equivalents

A project to support users of BNB records in managing the migration of their catalogues to MARC 21 providing:
Over 1300 frequent name headings occurring in the British National Bibliography (BNB) matched with headings established under the Name Authorities Co-operative (NACO) component of the Program for Co-operative Cataloguing (PCC) and intended for use in MARC 21 cataloguing.
The project is in four parts:
  • To the user, describing the selection method and presentation of headings
  • Alphabetical sequence of BNB and equivalent NACO headings showing if they are the same or different or if a NACO heading is not available
  • Frequency listing of headings according to how often they occur in BNB records
  • Statistical analysis of the matching of BNB and NACO headings
Thanks Ian for pointing this out to me.

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