Tuesday, October 21, 2003


OCLC began shipping the the 22nd edition of the Dewey Decimal Classification Monday, October 20.

Available for downloading are

  • The DDC 22 Introduction (37 pages, 258K), a full reprint from volume 1 of DDC 22, provides a detailed overview of the DDC, including basic terminology and an explanation of DDC structure, complete with many helpful examples. If you are new to classifying with Dewey, this introduction will help you get started quickly.
  • The Glossary (9 pages, 74K), also reprinted from volume 1 of DDC 22, provides helpful definitions of DDC terms and gives users a common language for implementing the DDC.
  • New Features (20 pages, 143K), another reprint from volume 1 of DDC 22, concisely describes what’s new in DDC 22, including changes implemented to enhance classifier productivity and a selected list of specific changes to DDC numbers. Look here if you want to quickly assess the changes from DDC 22 that you can apply to your collections.
Does not require any forms to be filled out.

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