Friday, April 04, 2003


OCLC Research News now has an RSS Feed. Seen on Library Stuff. Are the tech bulletins available this way also? Have to check.

Image Metadata

Image Tagging: Embedding Metadata In Image Files is a basic introduction to the IPTC fields. They have not been widely adopted, as far as I know.


Maybe the question I should have asked the other day is "Why does TLA not invite more speakers from LC." I hope that a preconference SACO training will be available in San Antonio next year. That might involve LC.

I'm recovering for the conference. Lots of work backed up. Lots of ideas to post. Many people to follow up topics and ideas started at the conference.


A free bibliographic software that looks usable.
BiblioExpress is a simple reference manager for researchers. It is the freeware edition of our flagship product - Biblioscape. BiblioExpress can be used to collect literature references of different types, to explore bibliographic resources on the Internet, as well as to serve as a free viewer of bibliographic data.
Seen on Peter Scott's Library Log


The OLAC Cataloging Policy Committee Chapter 3 Task Force is proud to announce the availability of AACR2 Revisions 2002: Chapter 3, Cartographic Materials. The presentation highlights the changes made to Chapter 3 in December 2002.

Subject Access

Auto-Categorization: Coming to a Library or Intranet Near You! by Tom Reamy.
Simply put, automatic-categorization is a new type of software that assigns documents into subject matter categories based on a wide variety of techniques. These techniques include statistical Bayesian analysis of the patterns of words in the document, clustering of sets of documents based on similarities, advanced vector machines that represent every word and its frequency with a vector, neural networks, sophisticated linguistic inferences, the use of pre-existing sets of categories, and seeding categories with keywords.


The ISSN, ISO 3297 (1998), is now up for its 5-year review. NISO's review of the ISSN is being coordinated by Priscilla Caplan. The ISSN Standard is available for review and comment. Send comments to by April 25, 2003.

Dublin Core

The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set standard has been approved by NISO. The final text of the standard, N 515: ISO 15836 The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, and the balloting report, including the response to comments, is available on the SC4 document log at the ISO TC46/SC4 website.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003


This morning I heard Eric Lease Morgan speak on library portals. The MyLibrary software is "free, like a kitten." Just a perfect turn of phrase, because it is so true. Bill Cosby was everything I expected. Whoever thought of him as a speaker and then got him deserves big thanks. Shelly Kelly speaking on the Johnson Space Center Archives was very good. Also worth hearing was Chuck Bearden on open-source. I think he has forgiven me for suggesting him as a speaker.

Exhausted, so this may be the product of sleep depravation but, a low-cost option for NACO participation would be nice. Some folks just can not pay the cost of full membership in RLN or OCLC. Would Marcive be an option?

There has been a huge price reduction in MARC Magician software.

There are still some CDs left at the TRGCC table (booth no. 1044). The LPI donated about 700 CDs. They contain imagery of the planets, information about recent missions and texts on aspects of planetary science. They are copy-free, so use them on your Web sites, just give attribution. Stop by the booth and pick one up.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

TLA on MP3

Someone in the TLA conference committee was thinking. All sessions are being recorded and then made available on CD in MP3 format. What a wonderful idea. There are 100's of sessions, many I'd like to see conflict with another I have to be at or want to see even more. The price is even affordable about $60.00. Thanks TLA.

Monday, March 31, 2003


I wonder why LC does not have a presence at the Texas Library Association annual conference. This is the third largest conference in the country. I think it is much larger than SLA, a wonderful conference. Yet, LC is at SLA but not TLA. I ask because I've been asking the TRGCC to hold SACO training as a pre-conference session. But, the TRGCC is a small group and does not have the funds necessary. At SLA Rebecca Guenther is speaking on metadata, Lyle W. Minter on e-journals, other folks from LC discuss budgeting and other non-cataloging issues. The larger TLA conference does not benefit from this expertise. I hope this changes and a few people from LC share with us in the future.


In the current ASLIB Proceedings "Metadata-based access to multimedia architectural and historical archive collections: a review" by Jeroen Bekaert,; Dimitri Van De Ville; Boris Rogge; Iwan Strauven; Emiel De Kooning; Rik Van de Walle.
A summary of the state-of-the-art for those who have not been intimately dealing with the evolution of digital archives. At the same time this survey will be a useful resource and starting point for archivists, librarians and technicians, who are becoming involved in institutional digitization projects. It presents a brief overview of what is meant by a digital library and a digital archive, and how archival collections can be described. It expresses briefly the different approaches to collections and their descriptions and suggests that a consistent approach to descriptions at collection and item level is an important factor in initiatives which seek to provide integrated access to distributed resources, whether those resources are traditional or digital.


The ISBN and Coding Theory. How a mathematician reads an ISBN. Seen on BTW Jessamyn West is running for ALA office, consider her when casting your vote.


Now meeting, Metadiversity III: Global Access for Biodiversity Through Integrated Systems sponsored by NBII/U.S. Geological Survey & NFAIS in Philadelphia, PA. Sessions include:
  • Distributed Taxonomic Description and Identification, P. Bryan Heidorn
  • Metadata for Tomorrow, Jill Trubey
  • Spatial Metadata for Management, Bruce Westcott