Thursday, January 29, 2004

Bibliographic Infrastructure

In Building a New Bibliographic Infrastructure Roy Tennant decides MARC should not to put to death but rather die a natural death.
The point is we need to craft standards, software tools, and systems that can accept, manipulate, store, output, search, and display metadata from a wide variety of bibliographic or related standards. Our systems should be able to accept an ONIX record from a publisher, which contains basic bibliographic fields and elements like cover art, and use it as a prototype cataloging record or to enrich an existing record. Our systems should be able to output a record easily in Dublin Core for harvesting through the Open Archives Initiative's Protocol for Metadata Harvesting. In other words, we need a new bibliographic infrastructure that allows for the easy and effective sharing of various types of records.
I've seen many calls for systems that accept ONIX records. Are any publishers making them available to libraries (other than LC)?

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