Monday, January 26, 2004


Walt Crawford includes some kind words about Catalogablog in his latest Crawford Files, Starting a Bicycle Club: Weblogs Revisited. In the past such a comment would have resulted in a surge of new readers or at least hits on the front page. This time that did not happen. The number of readers has remained constant. The only reason I can think of is that everybody who would be interested in a 'blog on library cataloging already knows of Catalogablog and either reads it or finds it not to their liking. Everbody interested in this bicycle club has joined.

That's fine. I still find it useful to continue and I never expected to reach the same number of readers as American Libraries. Having a huge number of readers was not among the reasons I began this 'blog. I am surprised by how many people do find it useful and do read it regularly. Thanks to all who have made suggestions, passed on news items and helped make this a better 'blog. Please continue to do so.

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