Saturday, January 10, 2004

NISO's Metasearch Initiative

NISO's metasearch Initiative will identify, develop, and frame the standards and other common understandings that are needed to enable an efficient and robust information environment. The goal of NISO's Metasearch Initiative is to enable:
  • metasearch service providers to offer more effective and responsive services
  • content providers to deliver enhanced content and protect their intellectual property
  • libraries to deliver services that distinguish their services from Google and other free web services.
The standards setting component is now being launched. Jenny Walker (ExLibrisUSA) and Andre Pace (North Carolina State University) are co-chairing this Initiative. Task Groups will work in three areas:
  • Task Group 1: Access management
  • Task Group 2: Collection Description
  • Task Group 3: Search/Retrieve
NISO invites you to volunteer to participate in this activity and help set the standards that can maximize the value and efficiency of information services.

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