Saturday, January 17, 2004


Jan. 21-22, 2004
What is RSS WinterFest?
RSS WinterFest is a Webcast on Jan. 21-22 that will look at RSS and Internet content syndication. The Webcast is free to attend. We will do eight sessions, four each day. People can attend any session. They can attend one session or go to them all. Each session is 45 minutes with 15 minutes of Q&A.. The sessions start at 8:30 a.m PST and run through 1 p.m. PST.

What will be covered?
Day 1 will focus on technology and applications for RSS. The Webcast will start with Dave and be followed by sessions that will look at RSS, Atom and the future of Internet content syndication. A case study from Traction Software will explore how the Justice Department is using enterprise content syndication for communicating with law enforcement agencies. Day 2 will look at the business applications and cover topics such as enterprise content syndication, RSS and advertising, and what exactly are the business opportunities with these technologies.

How do I participate?
Register online. You may also register at the RSSWinterFest web site.

What software do I need?
You need a Windows Media or Real Player. All the content will be streamed. We will post slides for people to view when it makes sense.

How will people participate?
This is where it gets fun. We will have a live wiki with an RSS feed where people can post, network, etc. We will aggregate Weblogs to post what people are saying about what is presented, what the speakers are discussing and what people are commenting about in the wiki or on the RSS-User group list.

How will the Webcast get integrated into a Weblog?
We will transcribe each session, down to the finest points of granularity possible, and post it to a Weblog with an index and search engine capabilities.The Weblog will have an RSS feed. Each session will be transcribed. The knowledge base will grow after session, allowing people to get a comprehensive look at what transpired. After RSS WinterFest we will edit the Weblog, add content, and keep it ongoing.

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