Tuesday, February 10, 2004


The "Dewey Error Notification List" is intended to notify people who classify materials using DDC numbers which the Library of Congress has assigned in the bibliographic records they so kindly prepare and distribute. Occasionally, errors may occur in such records. Depending on how you handle quality control, you may wish to participate in the list, which I maintain privately. Are you a member of one of the following two groups of people? If so, please contact me as below.
  1. Those who examine Dewey numbers carefully for accuracy, and report suspected errors to LC's Decimal Classification Division (which can be done by e-mail to dewey@loc.gov). Such people may send a copy of their report to me, and I'll forward it to the people in group 2.
  2. Those who work at institutions where Dewey numbers assigned at LC are accepted without question (a practice I don't recommend), so that they can learn about errors reported by the people in group 1.
It's a list that, in a perfect world, there would be no need for! Fortunately, traffic is moderate, and the rate of suspected errors is low - by my own estimation approximately 1%. The list has been operating for two years, and has approximately 40 participants. It is for notification rather than discussion - and once an error has been detected and people notified, the basic purpose of the list has been fulfilled.

To receive error reports, please forward your e-mail address to me at ifairclough@marion.lib.oh.us. I do not represent the Library of Congress Decimal Classification Division or any other agency.

Posted with permission.

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