Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Really Rudimentary Catalog

Really Rudimentary Catalog is a simple "card catalog" program. It consists of:
  • bin/ - a rather brain-dead acquisitions program that downloads MARC records from the Library of Congress
  • bin/ - another brain-dead program that converts one or more files of MARC records into enhanced HTML files as well as a browsable author index, title index, and subject index pages
  • bin/ - a Unix shell script that calls, swish-e (an indexer), and the next program,
  • bin/ - a cool hack inspired by Bill Mosely that reads a swish-e index and converts it into an ASPELL dictionary
  • lib/Alex/*.pm - two incompletely written Perl modules, the most important being allowing the search interface (index.cgi) to get, set, and display "cookie" data from a user's search session
  • ./search.cgi - a CGI script interfacing with the indexed data
  • marc/* - a set of sample MARC records
  • html/* - a set of HTML files converted from MARC records
  • etc/* - sample author, title, and subject indexes as well as the necessary configuration file for swish-e
The site also has an essay on library catalogs.

Thanks to Eric Lease Morgan, the force behind the MyLibrary portal software, for this new tool.

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