Friday, March 05, 2004

Happy Birthday

Now We Are Two. Two years ago I started Catalogablog. I saw it as an experiment in blogging, a possible way to keep in touch with news in cataloging and a way of archiving items of interest. It is still an experiment, though less so. I have found that posting items does make them stick in my mind slightly better, so it has succeeded as a method of tracking the news. It is better than hundreds of bookmarks for keeping track of past items, but it is not ideal. I'm still in need of a good supplemental memory.

As a secondary reason for beginning the 'blog I hoped doing a bit of writing every day would improve my writing skills. I'm not so sure that has happened. Feedback is important for change and this medium does not provide much.

My name is out there, for better or worse. I'll be speaking on blogging at a conference this Fall. I've been asked to do some writing on 'blogs. Strange, it is the blogging not the cataloging that I've been asked to speak and write on. I know there are many people more qualified to speak on cataloging. Maybe the number of folks available to speak on blogging is smaller.

This has been an interesting two years. I think it has been a good investment of my time. I hope you have enjoyed the long strange trip as well.

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