Thursday, March 25, 2004


The Portal Factory is an open source product from the folks at MIT.
The Portal Factory is a new platform based architecture for information products. It allows many different kinds of information systems to be deployed from a single code base. The Portal Factory Manager can manage 100's of portals across an enterprise. This results in considerable savings in maintaining portals. Each portal can take advantage of the central Web Services, such as Content Stores and Registration Services. The platform has its own development SDK that allows the end user to extend both the Web Services and the Web Component library that allows dynamic rendering of the UI. We provide templates for different types of portal ranging from Course Management to Knowledge Repositories and Grid Computing. Our architecture is .NET Web Services based and exposes its interfaces using WSDL and SOAP. We use WS-Security and other GXA standard protocols that allow easy extension.
What does this mean for MyLibrary?

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