Friday, April 02, 2004

Metadata Quality

Metadata Quality in e-Learning: Garbage In – Garbage Out? by Sarah Currier appears on the Centre for Educational Technology Interoperability Standards (CETIS) site.
When I speak of quality assurance for metadata, I am not speaking of the quality of the specifications and standards (such as IMS Learning Resource Metadata; Dublin Core Educational Metadata; IEEE Learning Object Metadata), nor of the quality of application profiles (such as CanCore and the UK LOM Core), nor even of the quality of the vocabularies and taxonomies used to describe resources within metadata records, important though all of these are. These developments could be said to deal with the structure of the metadata, where I am concerned with the creation of the content of the metadata fields in describing learning materials. Once a metadata standard has been implemented within a system, the specified fields must be filled out with real data about real resources, and this process brings its own problems.

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