Wednesday, April 14, 2004


The paper, Brooks, T.A. (2003) "Watch this: forms move centre stage" Information Research, 9(2) TB0401 discusses XForms. This is a tool to structure data as it is entered. This could have applications in metadata creation with author or subject expert input as well as catalogers. Or readers could add comments, reviews and ratings for books at the public library and have them entered into a MARC record. Some interesting possibilities.
Information can be structured and validated at the periphery of an organization. Incoming information is thereby already groomed and ready to be shredded (i.e., individual fields of the incoming XML document are broken out) and submitted to the appropriate applications (read: databases, spreadsheets, etc). Reward goes to practice that emphasizes re-use of information and reduces the inefficiencies of keyboarding information more than once.

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