Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Spelling errors prevent access to materials and our catalogs do contain typos. I've not recently mentioned the work by Terry Ballard and others, so it is worth listing these again.
  • Typographical Errors in Library Databases by Terry Ballard. Revised March, 2004 by Tina Gunther and Terry Ballard. This list started as a by-product of a keyword inspection of the online catalog of Adelphi University in 1991. Early in the process I found that words appearing more than once in the Adelphi catalog were almost always found in other OPACs of similar size or larger. Since then, I have added some words as I found them. This particular version of the list integrates material from a confirming study performed at the University of North Florida by Bob Jones.
  • More Typographical Errors in Library Databases The words in this list are correctly spelled for some uses, but not others. Some of the words are personal names, some are archaic and some are not English. Some are filing indicator errors.
  • Libtypos-L A discussion list for librarians interested in this problem.

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