Friday, September 10, 2004

IFLA Meeting

Comments are desired on the results of the 2nd IFLA Meeting of Experts on an International Cataloguing Code (IME ICC2). The goal of the meeting was to further the work on Goal no.1 of the 2004-2005 Strategic Plan of the Cataloguing Section: "to promote the development of an international cataloguing code for bibliographic description and access."

The objective of the meeting was to "review and update the 2003 draft Statement of Principles developed at the European meeting, to discuss cataloguing codes currently in use in Latin America to compare their similarities and differences to see if we can get closer together and perhaps develop an International Cataloguing Code."

The IME ICC2 website has a summary report of the meeting's activities by Barbara Tillett, chair of the IME ICC2 Planning Committee and Chair, IFLA Division IV: Bibliographic Control.

The recommendations of the conference's five working groups (Working Group 1 was broken up into 2 groups: an English-language group and a Spanish-language group) are also posted in fuller form on the website and can be reached through the "Report of recommendations" link under each group. The reports should be read in the context of the draft statement itself.

Seen on AUTOCAT. This is important stuff. Read, think, discuss.

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