Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Announced on the ERIL-L mail list.

I would like to announce the availability of cufts2marc, a web-based utility for generatng title-level USMARC bibliographic records for the ejournal collections described in the CUFTS link resolver knowledgebase. CUFTS, which contains current title lists for approximately 240 ejournal collections, is part of the reSearcher suite of open source tools for locating and managing electronic information resources, developed at Simon Fraser University on behalf of the Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries.

Records produced by cufts2marc include the following: vendor-provided title, print ISSN, E-ISSN, title-level URLs, extent information, and embargo periods. Users can also add a number of optional control and note fields. The records do not include alternative titles, publisher, call numbers, or subject headings.

cufts2marc is based on jake2marc, which was released in mid 2000 but which has not been updated since late 2001. At that time, a number of people made useful suggestions on how to improve jake2marc, and these suggestions have been incorporated into cufts2marc.

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