Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Metadata for Digital Still Images

Capturing Technical Metadata for Digital Still Images by Robin L. Dale and Gunter Waibel appears in RLG DigiNews.
the community cannot afford to wait for a "magic bullet" file format because it is unlikely to come. Instead, institutions should become familiar with existing tools that will assist with metadata exposure and extraction. The Spotlight below contains a list of metadata harvesting tools that are available for use now. In addition, RLG will be releasing two new tools as a part for the Automatic Exposure initiative. The first tool, the "Automatic Exposure Scorecards," will profile and review the available technologies for capturing technical metadata. Scorecards will be available on the Automatic Exposure web site in the coming months. A second tool under development is a Z39.87-Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) panel to allow the extension of the metadata handling capabilities of Adobe Photoshop, a commonly used software package in the cultural heritage digitization process. When completed, this tool will be announced in a future issue of RLG DigiNews and will be freely available on the RLG web site.

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