Wednesday, December 22, 2004


The January - February selection for the Librarian's Book Club is The Intellectual Foundation of Information Organization (Digital Libraries and Electronic Publishing)

Authority Records

Andrew Houghton commented on my remark about making the GSAFD authority records available for Web services in XML. Since not everybody sees the comments I'm reproducing it here.
The MARC-XML records for GSAFD are already available from OCLC's Terminology Services Project.

Monday, December 20, 2004


The latest issue of the newsletter of the IFLA Bibliography Section contains:
  • National Bibliography in a Globalized World: The Latin American Case
  • Survey on the state of national bibliographies in Latin America
  • The Argentine national bibliography: a continuing obligation
  • Electronic Consortium of Libraries: a bibliographical cooperation scheme
  • The national bibliography as a system of bibliographic directories for the study of Cuban culture. Abstract
  • Challenges of the national bibliographies and the national bibliographic agencies in Latin America

Catalog Error Checking

Dorothea Salo has made available the paper Toward better automated error-checking in cataloguing.
Errors in library catalogs damage patron access as well as patron confidence in library offerings. They embarrass librarians of all sorts and frustrate cataloguers. Many of them, however, are eminently correctable and even preventable with relatively simple programmed validation. Databases everywhere employ input checks and similar validators to keep their data clean; library catalogues should also.
She also argues for spell checkers and has a good word for the ability of patrons to easily report errors.


The MARBI Meeting Minutes from the ALA Annual Meeting Orlando, FL -- June 26-27 2004 are now available.

MARC Authority Records

Over on AUTOCAT there has been much discussion about the Guidelines on Subject Access to individual works of Fiction, Drama, etc. lately. As I've mentioned before, the MARC authority records for these terms are freely available. Would encoding them in XML make them a more useful resource on the Web? The essay by Lorcan Dempsey just got me thinking. Thanks to all those who are making them freely available to all.

Metadata Authority Description Schema

A new (preliminary) draft of MADS, an XML schema based on the MARC Authorities Format, is available.

Tech Trends

Stitching services into user environments - intrastructure is an interesting essay appearing in Lorcan Dempsey's weblog.