Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Global Information Locator Service

Community Information, Electrified by Tim Rogers, Atabong Fombon, & Erica Reynolds discusses two options for this information, the MARC Community Information format and home-grown solutions. One option they miss, and maybe many libraries miss also, is the Global Information Locator Service (GILS). This is a standard, widely deployed, Z39.50 accessible, and with already created tools. This standard was developed to cover contact information making it ideal for community information databases. Examples of the fileds are: hours of service, contact e-mail address, Web site address, FAX number, cost, order process and ending date.

I seem to remember a company selling MARC community information records for national organizations. They provided a service with updates for changes in phone numbers, addresses, contacts, etc. They were not mentioned in the article, anyone using them? That would be a quick route into providing community information. Local information could build on and supplement the national records.

Also, in the same issue The Feel Good Standard by Gail Wanner discusses the NCIP standard.

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