Monday, April 11, 2005

Source of Title Note

The OLAC CAPC Subcommittee on the Source of Title Note for Internet Resources has completed a second draft of the revised document that is ready for review and comment. They would very much appreciate feedback on the current draft by May 2.
We want to remind folks that this document is intended to serve as a best practice guide developed by a community of electronic and audiovisual catalogers. Like most best practice guides, it has been developed because existing resources have not fully addressed the needs of working catalogers. It therefore goes beyond the examples given AACR2, LCRIs, etc., which are not consistent with one another, to recommend a form of the note that we think better serves the intent of the note and its value for catalogers of remote access electronic resources. Like any best practice guide, catalogers and institutions will be free to follow this or not, as they choose.

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