Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I a few days our library staff are meeting to discuss our vision for the library. Here is what I have, am I missing anything?

Our clients are moving to desktop delivery. Journal and handbooks and manuals should be easily available to them electronically. They want desktop reference, IM, ILL and access to circulation information in the catalog is important. These folks need to hear our story and know what the library can do for them. Blogs, with RSS, e-mail, newsletters and meetings can all keep them informed.

The institute publishes volumes from meetings we sponsor. These should be available in XML format with XSLT stylesheets to convert them into any format the user prefers. They should be in an OAI repository. The papers published by our scientists, or at least the metadata, should be in an OAI repository. There should be an RSS feed for new items.

Remote users should be able to get in touch with us easily. We should have a Skype number for long-distance users. Offer IM reference and access to circulation information from the catalog. Other libraries use us, and for them we should offer Z39.50 (later SRU/SRW) and be open to metasearching. Our remote users need to also hear our story, and that can be done through weblogs with RSS.

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