Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records

A report on the Dublin Workshop dedicated to FRBR implementation issues that took place on May 2-4 is now available. Talks include:
  • Ed O'Neill: "Relational Models for Aggregates"
  • Maja Zumer: "Modeling Augmentations"
  • Judith A. Kuhagen: "Modeling Continuing Resources in FRBR (and more...)"
  • Carol van Nuys and Ketil Albertsen: "Modelling web resources"
  • Allyson Carlyle: "FRBR: challenges for implementation in AACR2, with some attention to non-book materials"
  • Barbara B. Tillett: "Relationships in FRBR"
  • Maja Zumer: "Some outcomes of the CRM/FRBR harmonization: the definition of manifestation and a review of attributes"
  • Glenn Patton: "FRAR: extending FRBR concepts to authority data"
  • Marcia Lei Zeng and Athena Salaba: "Toward an international sharing and use of subject authority data"
  • Diane Vizine-Goetz: "Subjects in fiction: the experience with WorldCat"
  • Maria Nasilowska: "Precoordination in subject indexing systems and FRBR model"
  • Trond Aalberg: "Formats and FRBR catalogues -- where's our focus?"
  • Ketil Albertsen: "What do we want to identify? -- FRBR and identifier semantics"
  • Patrick Le Boeuf: "Identifying textual 'works': ISTC: controversy and potential"
  • Thomas B. Hickey: "Exchanging FRBR information"
  • Barbara Tillett: "FRBR and Cataloguing Rules: Impact on IFLA's Statement of Principles and AACR/RDA"
  • Patrick Le Boeuf: "'Convergence is the Goal': Activity Report of the IFLA FRBR/CIDOC CRM Harmonization Group"
  • Godfrey Rust: "Thoughts from a different planet (only slightly different)"
Looks like quite a good meeting. I hope the proceedings get published or the talks become available as MP3s.

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