Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Collaborative Tagging Paper

The Structure of Collaborative Tagging Systems by Scott A. Golder and Bernardo A. Huberman looks interesting. As soon as I heard about social tagging I thought it would be a great place to research how folks would apply subject headings. Given that solid research we could then make some adjustments in our application of Sears and LCSH to better fit the thinking of our users. This paper looks like a start in that kind of research.
Collaborative tagging describes the process by which many users add metadata in the form of keywords to shared content. Recently, collaborative tagging has grown in popularity on the web, on sites that allow users to tag bookmarks, photographs and other content. In this paper we analyze the structure of collaborative tagging systems as well as their dynamical aspects. Specifically, we discovered regularities in user activity, tag frequencies, kinds of tags used, bursts of popularity in bookmarking and a remarkable stability in the relative proportions of tags within a given url. We also present a dynamical model of collaborative tagging that predicts these stable patterns and relates them to imitation and shared knowledge.
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