Thursday, August 11, 2005

Java MARC Tool

The second release candidate of MARC4J 2.0 is now available. Starting from release 2.0rc1 the event based parser is replaced by an easier to use interface that uses a simple iterator over a collection of MARC records.

The MARC4J library includes:

  • An easy to use interface that can handle large record sets
  • Readers and writers for both MARC and MARC XML
  • A build-in pipeline model to pre- or postprocess MARC XML using any XSLT processor that supports the JAXP interface
  • A MARC record object model (like DOM for XML) for in-memory editing of MARC records
  • Support for data conversions from MARC-8 ANSEL, ISO5426 or ISO6937 to UCS/Unicode and back
  • Vendor neutral XML support through JAXP and SAX2, a high performance XML interface
  • Support for conversions between MARC and MARC XML
  • Tight integration with the JAXP, DOM and SAX2 interfaces
  • Easy to integrate with other XML interfaces like DOM, XOM, JDOM or DOM4J
  • Command-line utilities for MARC and MARC XML conversions
  • Javadoc documentation

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