Monday, October 10, 2005

Koha News

Koha 2.2.4 is here. Koha 2.2.4 should be the last release of the 2.2 branch with new features. Koha 2.2.5 should contain only bugfixes. However, Koha 3.0 is already on the way and should give libraries a new great experience

Koha is the first Open-Source Integrated Library System (ILS). Released at first in New Zealand, in January 2000, it is maintained by a team of volunteers from around the globe. The Koha system is a full catalogue, OPAC, circulation and acquisitions system.

Koha 2.2 has more than 247,000 lines of code, and was developed by more than 30 different developers.

With the 2.2 version, Koha is now a mature product, with a lot of nice features. It's used in more than 50 libraries, of all kinds, of all sizes.

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