Thursday, November 10, 2005

Subject Access

Here is a field that was brought to my attention by the talk by Bill Moen at Access 2005, 656. "An index term that is descriptive of the occupation reflected in the contents of the described materials." I've never used this. Not many folks have, it seems. He had a collection of seven million records and it only appeared once. When would this be used rather than a 650?

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Rachel White said...

I've only ever used a 656 when cataloging archival collections and want to reflect the occupation of the individual who created a particular collection.

That being said, I still only use it rarely, as OCLC's Bib Formats and Standards instructs its use only if the occupation is significantly reflected in the records themselves.

Most of the collections I deal with where the creator was a teacher, photographer, geologist, etc. have surprisingly little to do with their occupation, and more with a hobby or interest.