Friday, June 03, 2005

RSS Feed at the LPI

We now have an RSS feed for our Lunar and Planetary Information Bulletin. This is something I've been suggesting for quite some time. I hope it is the start of a trend here at the Lunar and Planetary Institute.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

SLA 2005

Next week I'll be at SLA. So, few if any posts. I'll try to get some things posted to the SLA PAM Division weblog. Those will be about the conference and not cataloging. If there is anything important at the Committee on Cataloging meeting, I'll try to get it up here. Other than that, see you on June 13.

Ian and Brian, you both still have permission to post. Go ahead, if you feel like it.

Open WorldCat

The Open WorldCat Web site now includes information about tools that can help you more conveniently search for library materials from your PC desktop. The three tools featured on this page are:
  • Yahoo! Toolbar. This special edition on the Yahoo! Toolbar provides always-there access to Open WorldCat records via Yahoo! Search, plus the full complement of Yahoo! services.
  • Google Toolbar with Autolink feature. The newest version of Google Toolbar enables always-there access to Open WorldCat records through its Autolink feature. Autolink detects the presence of specific kinds of information on the current Web page and -- by pressing the Autolink button on the Toolbar -- links to related or lookup information for that item.
  • Firefox search extensions. Add WorldCat searching to the Search Bar of the popular open-source Web browser Firefox. From an ever-present browser pane, you can enter your search terms and select the search engine to be queried.

MARBI Meeting Minutes

The 2005 Midwinter MARBI Meeting minutes are now available online.

Publishing Opportunity

The Teen Services Division of the Michigan Library Association is preparing a publication on the topic of graphic novels in libraries. They are currently accepting submissions of content for this publication. How about a paper on cataloging or classification? Contact Ann Heidemann at for more information.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Frankfurt Principles

The Serbian translation of the Frankfurt Principles has been posted on the IFLA website.

Metadata, Beyond Description

On Lorcan Dempsey's weblog he discusses our metadata needs in a digital environment where DRM, licenses and other metadata will be used for more than description and discovery.
[M]uch of our metadata discussion still focuses on refining descriptive metadata for information objects. However, it is clear that as we move into more complex digital environments that this is one part only of the metadata picture. Libraries have developed practices which focus on the inventory needs of relatively 'solid' information resources (books, journals, ...). But all that is solid is melting into flows ... We need more types of metadata than just descriptive; and we need to represent more entities in our world than 'solid' information objects.
Worth a read and then some thought. This goes far beyond our traditional conception of cataloging. But, as metadata experts catalogers should be involved in these issues. We have much to contribute.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

MARBI Proposals

Proposal No. 2005-04/R: Hierarchical Geographic Names in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format.

Proposal No. 2005-06: Addition of Subfields for Relator Terms/Codes for Subject Access to Images.

Other proposals and discussion papers will be distributed shortly. A draft agenda for the meeting will be posted soon.

These papers will be discussed in a meeting of the MARC Advisory Committee on Saturday, June 25, 2005 and Sunday, June 26, 2005 in Chicago.


For the first proposal examples, personally I don't see why World would go in subfield a, that is defined as a country. Same quibble with Antarctica. Also, sticking all extraterrestrial areas in subfield g seems not to encode the hierarchy. If it is just string position, why not get rid of all subfields but a and just repeat. The position of extraterrestrial locations is important to users of the Lunar and Planetary Institute.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

SLA 2005 Talk

Part 2 of the talk. Comments? Suggestions?

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Funny how I keep getting asked to talk about weblogs, but never about cataloging.

SLA 2005 Talk

Part 1 of a practice of my talk for SLA 2005 PAM Astronomy Roundtable.

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