Friday, July 15, 2005

OCLC Research releases Open Source OpenURL 1.0 software

The OCLC OpenURL 1.0 distributions provide OpenURL 1.0 resolution capability. The default installation echoes OpenURL requests formatted in HTML, but the service can be configured to support any context-sensitive service compliant with the OpenURL 1.0 protocol.

This software may be used without charge in accord with the terms of the OCLC Research Public License.


The Book Industry Study Group is making available ISBN-13 for Dummies.

Seen on the LJ Tech Weblog.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Houston Area - Copyright

Wed July 27 Debate: Copyright, Technology & the Arts
  • Event: Public Debate: Copyright, Technology and the Arts
  • Date: Wednesday July 27, 7:00-8:30 PM
  • Location: Nexus Cafe, 2828 Rogerdale (a block away from Rogerdale and Westheimer). Second floor of Walden Internet Village Apartments
  • Cost: Free. (Also free WiFi onsite!)
Debate Topics:
  1. Does current copyright law help or hurt artists?
  2. Will technological innovation increase or decrease copyright infringement?
  3. What is the impact of Grokster vs. MGM Supreme Court decision on publishers, web site owners and inventors?
This debate will feature a panel discussion of local experts.

This event is sponsored by Copynight Houston, a monthly social gathering of people interested in restoring balance in copyright law. We meet over drinks once a month in many cities to discuss new developments and build social ties between artists, engineers, filmmakers, academics, lawyers, and many others.

For more information, contact me Robert Nagle at this email: idiotprogrammer at fastmailbox .net
Robert Nagle, Technical Writer, Trainer & Linux Aficionado

He is still open to panel members, if anyone from the library community wants present our views.

MARC Tag of the Month

Follett's Tag of the Month for June is a MARC Record Sample with the Main Entry a Personal Name.

This Weblog

Some changes have been made to this Weblog. The blogroll is gone. No one said they would miss it, so I guess it was wasted space. I have created a link in the index to Library Weblogs where I point to some of the directories and the RSS aggregation, LISFeeds.

I have started a TagCloud, it is at the very bottom of the page. Unlike the index it includes a few other related weblogs and the terms are generated automatically by a program. It is not picking the tags assigned at nor the Technorati tags I've assigned, so the name is a bit of a misnomer. It is an interesting concept, let me know your thoughts about it as an information tool.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


MarcEdit 5.0 Beta is available for download. Look for the full release in August.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Additions to the MARC Country and Geographic Area Code Lists

The codes listed below have been approved for use in MARC 21 records. They include MARC country and geographic area codes for states and territories in Australia requested by the National Library of Australia.

From 1972 until the adoption of USMARC as the national standard in 1991, Australia had its own MARC specification, AUSMARC, that included more specific country codes for states and territories. The National Library of Australia has continued to use these more specific codes in its national bibliographic database for the ability to retrieve data by state and territory jurisdiction.

Codes are available at this level for similar jurisdictions in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The following new codes are defined for Australian states and territories and will be included in the next edition of the MARC Code List for Countries.
    New code Place name
  • aca Australian Capital Territory
  • xga Coral Sea Islands Territory
  • xna New South Wales
  • xoa Northern Territory
  • qea Queensland
  • xra South Australia
  • tma Tasmania
  • vra Victoria
  • wea Western Australia
The following new codes are defined for Australian regions and will be included in the next edition of the MARC Code List for Geographic Areas.
    New code Place name
  • u-atc Central Australia
  • u-ate Eastern Australia
  • u-atn Northern Australia
Note that specific GAC codes were already available for the Australian states/territories listed above.

Subscribers can anticipate receiving MARC records reflecting these changes in all distribution services no earlier than September 12, 2005.

More Scripts in OCLC

Some good news from OCLC.
As part of the Connexion client 1.40 field test, the first Cyrillic script record (OCLC #60678907) was input into WorldCat on June 20 by Diana Brooking, Cataloging Librarian, University of Washington, Suzzallo Library, Seattle, Washington, USA. The first Hebrew script record (OCLC #60690901) was input on June 21, and an existing romanized record (OCLC #9355323) was upgraded to include Greek script on June 22. This month, OCLC implements full support for cataloging using the Hebrew, Cyrillic and Greek scripts, complementing the current offering of Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic scripts and providing librarians with a more complete source for cataloging using the scripts of the world.
This requires the Connexion client 1.40, that is now available for download.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

This Weblog

Ok I've folded the blogrolls on the right side of the page into the index. The index points to the FURL page that includes the MARC Tools and Standards links once listed separately.

Another change would be to eliminate the blogroll. I've not kept it up to date and there are good tools to find library related weblogs. The Open Directory Project and LISFeeds are all anyone should need. Should I drop the blogroll and just create another FURL page pointing to the collections and directories? Or should I update the blogroll to reflect my current reading habits?