Friday, August 05, 2005

Addition of Dates to Personal Name Headings

This announcement was made on AUTOCAT. You should have seen it there, I'm reposting just in case you missed it.
One message that was very clear from the correspondence is that a change to the current policy is indeed needed. Once a management decision is made as to what that change should be and how to best proceed, CPSO will be issuing an announcement and posting a summary of the responses and our analysis. We expect that any decision in association with dates in existing headings, etc. will result in the revision of LCRI 22.17, and we will post that revision for a 30-day comment period with implementation of the new policies to follow shortly thereafter.

Barbara B. Tillett, Chief, CPSO

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Geographic Subject Coodinatates Discussion Listserv (SubCoor)

SubCoor is a moderated computer forum open to anyone interested in discussing issues related to the use of geographic coordinates for place searches of various metadata systems. SubCoor provides an opportunity for members of the international community to participate in discussion. related to the investigation of the need, format, and use of coordinates to allow searching of materials by a geographically-based interfaces.


Go to Subcoor and click on Join or leave the list and follow the instructions.


Send the following message to

SUBSCRIBE SubCoor [full name]

You will receive a welcome message that we urge you to keep a copy of as it will explain how to set various options and how to unsubscribe. is the Internet address of the discussion list. Mail sent to that address is distributed by the UNIX-listserv to everyone who is subscribed to the list.

SUBCOOR is moderated by staff at the Library of Congress.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

MP3 Metadata

Recently I've been listening to podcasts on my commute. Some are better than others, but that is to be expected, that happens in all genres. However, a very common problem is the lack of the MP3 tag information. Or even worse, the wrong information in the tags. I've seen quite a few of these talks given the genre tag of blues. Titles are missing, so when I download them to my player they disappear. Almost none have creator information. The comments field is most often empty but sometimes filled with a meaningless string of numbers. It would be nice to have the URL of the archive there. The sad thing is that most of these are from librarians, granted not many are catalogers but still.

If you want you efforts to sort and play properly on my player enter the creator, year, genre, and title. If you would like folks to find the archive of your work consider adding the URL to the comment field. A free tool like MP3tag will be enough if you are only doing your own podcasts.

NISO Newsletter

The August issue of the NISO Newsletter is now available. Articles include:
  • Register Now for NISO's OpenURL & Metasearch Workshops
  • Technical Images Data Dictionary Standard Available for Comment
  • Production Version of Serial Online Holdings Format Released
  • ISO Standard for MarcXchange In Development

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Thoughts about Learning Styles

Last week I acted as a secretary for my wife as she presided over a TMEA lunch meeting. I took a couple of pictures as well as the notes, and later moved a few of the best to flickr. The Texas Music Educators Association has over 10,000 members. They draw over 12,000 to their annual conference. While on flickr I decided to check and see what other photos were tagged TMEA. None. Zero. Nada. I was startled by this result. Not one person out of this large group had taken a photo at a regional meeting, the annual meeting or a planning lunch and posted it to flickr.

Later it dawned on me, these are all musicians. The visual is not their preferred method of communication. They most likely take less pictures than the general population. And, then they are still less likely to use a visual service to share them. The pictures I took, even though I let the folks at the meeting know they were available, have had very few hits. Looking at pictures is not their style.

When designing services for our users it is important to remember the different learning styles. They do make a difference. This group might have very little interest in flickr and a visual representation of knowledge clusters. Podcasting might appeal to them, if done well. They are more discriminating that most of us in the aural arena. When marketing to them in their preferred manner we should aim to keep the quality high, they will catch things we fail to notice.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Ian Davis and Richard Newman are seeking comments on their Expression of Core FRBR Concepts in RDF.

ISBN Converter

Convert ISBNs between 10 and 13 digit formats using this tool. It is only valid until the time when prefixes other than 978 will be used.

Is anyone considering converting all their 10 digit ISBNs to 13? Without the identifying ISBN prefix they would have to go into field 024 rather than 020. Still is seems that a rather simple script could be written to read 020a perform the operation to get the 13 digit number and then add field 024 and drop the result in there. Would any access be gained? Well if someone was searching for the EAN, it could help them. How many patrons search on EAN?